2023 Wedding Color trends

2023 wedding color trends

In 2022 season PANTONE nominated the “Very Pery” as color of the year and it continues to being used because of its flexibility and availability with flowers for example. But which are 2023 wedding color trends?

Which colors are trendy for 2023 weddings?

PANTONE this year nominated the “Viva Magenta” as color of the year. If you have a look at it you can understand and imagine that it is not actually a simple color to be used inside a wedding palette. When I search for insipiration about colors or projects I  often buy magazines and study which are the colors that all the brands decided to show during fashion weeks. This year I saw lots of pastel colors like pearl grey, one of the most elegant one; then they also proposed light blue, pink, yellow all of them in very pastel shades as well as a mix of very bright colors

Here below the 10 most trendy colors for 2023:

  1. Light blue: this will be one of the most famous color we will see along this year, you can match it with white or nude as well;
  2. Peach pink: a soft, sweet color to be used with different textures, transparent way for a more sexy style while a full tone always chosen for weddings;
  3. Yellow butter: yes as said by Vogue, this year the yellow tone will be butter, perfect to be matched with white or sage green;
  4. Pearl Grey: this is the very first news, an elegant grey you can use for a night long dress or soft silk pants. If I were you I’d keep an eye on this color because I think it will bet the protagonist again next year;
  5. Nude: nude is finally being recognize as a very trendy and elegant color also by fashion houses. From Valentino to Stella McCartney, they all proposed few nude proposals and we are very happy for this!;
  6. Avatar Blue: after the return of Avatar (the famous movie) to cinemas, fashion also registered this trend on their catwalks. The blue is bright almost electric, are they trying to anticipate the future? This color is perfect combined with the next one;
  7. Vitamin C Orange: cocktail dresses with silk voile or tulle that re-design the silhouette. This tone of orange is perfect for this season and why not fill up on Vitamin C? We all need more of it after the last few years!
  8. Red: this is not the “viva magenta” said by Pantone for this year but it’s brighter and more sinful shade. It is quite like a red apple, did you remember the famous one from Snow White? Perfect, that is!
  9. Avocado Green: it almost seems like an article about food more than weddings but if you notice the colors often recall what we eat. And how can we fail to mention the avocado toasts that have become so famous in recent years? Avocado is one of the good fats and yes, is perfect both for your body that for your new style!
  10. Purple Amethyst: last but not least this shade of purple, brighter than the “very pery” nominated before and really inspired by the amethyst stone which is emblem of power. This year brands went big with that, sequined dresses, satin and lace slip-dress or vinyl trench coats like the one by Sacai.

To get married in 2023: some tips for you 

If you are getting married this year I think you have lots of possibilities to use imagination and even play with colors. Few tips you: 

  • it always depends on wedding theme and style as well as your tastes but pastel colors are quite easy to use together; 
  • if instead you are one of those brides who loves to be daring you could match the color block Avatar Blue/Vitamin C Orange or go for Avocado Green/Purple Amethyst. This last one is easier because often used as colors mix but remember, do not go for the very pery (the soft one), but go for the darker one, you will show what you are made of and how much powerful you are! 
  • Most of the time, the bride dress is on white tones, so I won’t speak about them but an idea is to propose an ethereal and more classic dress code with pastel colors, or let your guests play with colors and propose them the brighter we mentioned! In this case your wedding color palette is already decided and it will match the guests dress code
  • I can already imagine a floral project using the purple amethyst one, I am fan of green/purple so if you like it, stay tuned! 

Did you find amazing my tips? Do you wish to receive more of them? Contact me if you want your 2023 wedding to be the most colorful one!

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