2023 Wedding Flower trends

Wedding flower trends 2023

In this article today I would like to speak about 2023 wedding flower trends but not only this. I would also accompany you through this reading trying to better explain to (maybe a bride to be?!) how many types of flowers exist, each flower has its own season and what flowers are the best for wedding flower arrangements.

The most trendy flowers for your wedding in 2023

Usually most of the wedding flower arrangements are quite always the same: same color palette, same style, same flowers: this because people and so new couples, surf on Internet or different social media looking for inspirations.

There are very few couples usually that are open to more extravagant and colorful arrangements and this is because they think that colored means not elegant but this is not true. Luckily after the pandemic something changed in couples minds and they became more flexible, open and curious about creating something different and unique just for them.

What we can easily see from different sources is that during 2022 and 2023 the most trendy flowers for weddings are:

  • Gypsophila or Baby’s breath: this flowers is often use for its two particularities, it gives literally breath to the composition giving it a nice volume remaining very light at the same time;
  • Roses: did you know that we can count about 3000 different roses? Yes, you read in the right way, 3000! Can you imagine all of them? Roses that are very used during weddings also due to their colors are for example the dusty pink roses, the cappuccino roses, english roses or better to say David Austin Roses;
  • Delphinium: this type of flower is typically used to give more height due to its long stem to the composition, you can find it in different colors like white, pink and light-blue pairing perfectly with all the color palettes;
  • Ranunculus: it is one of the most trendy and popular wedding flower for sure, thanks to its petal structure so lush and botanical they fit everywhere! For sure the butterfly ranunculus is the most used and I love especially its peach and white colors;
  • Peony: this is the must have as voluminous flower. Besides its cost and its short blooming growing season it remains one of the most requested flower;
  • Hydrangea: after the peony which is another voluminous flower? Here we go! Hydrangea is perfect for arch decoration and flower wall bacdrops;
  • Dahlia: thanks to its lush petal structure it comes in a large variety of colors. Pompon dahlias for example are the most popular ones;
  • Anemones: being such dramatic but delicate at the same time, anemones are perfect for minimal style weddings. Thanks to its eye-catching black center they fit perfectly if you are looking for something modern. There are different colors but my favorite is the white one!;
  • Tulip: excellent flower for a spring wedding! This is for sure my favorite flower ever and during these years I have learnt that it is not only used as it comes but florists like to play with its petals and softly shaping them it appears totally different;
  • Carnation: similar to marigold, it is a budget friendly option that worth to be inside wedding installations. They are used lot of times to create flower garlands (for example for Indian weddings or as decoration for a very elegant and different tableau-de-mariage as well as for photo shooting corners;
  • Lisianthus: because of its rose-like appearance the lisianthus is often used inside floral arrangements and most of the time paired in fact with roses;
  • Anthurium: thanks to its stunning heart shape, waxy texture and prominent stemen it is super for tropical and beachy style weddings. I love its salmon and white varieties.

Different flowers, different styles

As said here above for some of the trendy flowers for 2023, each flower can be used in particular or specific wedding styles. Anemones for a modern minimal style, Anthurium for a tropical beachy one. This because thanks to their particular shapes and textures they help flower designer to reproduce a specific wedding style. If I think for example at a more rustic chic wedding I would opted for Rosemary, Lavender, Chamomile and why not, even Billy Ball (Craspedia) with its yellow color and orb-shape to adds personality to each arrangement.

If instead I think at a more classic elegant style I would opt for Gypsophila and Roses, Carnations and Peonies.

Each season has its flowers

Sometimes it could happen that you choose a selection of flowers and after asking your florist for a quotation you see that they are more expensive than usual. Why? Because they are out of the season. While some flowers are available all the year long, I always suggest to go with seasonal flowers: first of all because they naturally grow in that period, secondly you can save money having equally a very stunning flower arrangement.

Did you find amazing my tips? Do you wish to receive more of them? Contact me to design together the flowers setting up for your 2023 wedding!

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