Why should you choose a wedding planner?

Organizing a wedding can be as fun as stressful… but would you be able to list me all the steps necessary for organizing a wedding?

In my experience many couples have often argued that the months leading up to the wedding can be extremely stressful and difficult indeed; many couples challenge themselves during this period. In this way, the time that should be dedicated to your love and your “oath of sharing every day from now and forever” risks becoming unnecessarily a source of stress and misunderstanding.

So how to avoid all this? By choosing a wedding planner of course! You and your guests will experience an unforgettable day full of joy without worries and completely stress-free.

Before going into the details of the professional figure and its duties, I would like to dispel some false myths about wedding planners:

  1. Wedding Planner = “Luxury”: especially here in Italy where the profession is not yet recognized and often underestimated, many future spouses think that our service is exclusively elite and therefore inaccessible for all budgets. This is not the case at all;
  2. Wedding Planner = “Porter all to do”: during the wedding, the wedding planner is not the one who “only lights the candles” or “ties up the chairs” as often happens in the movies. Sure everything seems easy and perfect there but the truth is that it’s not like in a movie… but it could become one!
  3. Wedding Planner = “Substitute”: the wedding planner will listen to you and advise you on everything but it will always be you who decides and gives the last word, not ME.

The wedding planner is the person who organizes and creates the most important day of your life, your wedding, coordinating all the services you have chosen to experience a stress-free day.

The wedding planner acts as an intermediary between the couple and the various suppliers to ensure that by delegating all the bureaucratic and technical aspects to her, the spouses can only think about what their big day will be like.

Don’t think that the professional help of a wedding planner can excessively affect your budget! Far from it…in the end, together with me you will be able to stay within the prepared budget and if you don’t have a figure in mind, no problem, by listening to your wishes, tastes and needs we will be able to create the ideal budget and understand together how to better organize your memorable day!

In addition to the real economic management, by joining me, you will save strength, time and energy so as to arrive at the big day happy and ready to enjoy every moment.

5 good reasons to choose a wedding planner

Having said that, here are, in my opinion, 5 good reasons to choose a wedding planner:

  1. Saving time and energy;
  2. Targeted advice on the whole organizational aspect, from scouting location to wedding design;
  3. Economic savings because the wedding planner, managing the budget you have decided, will be able to allocate the right resources to each service and thanks also to her knowledge and professional relationships, let you save money;
  4. Problem solving: when any type of problem arises both during the organization of the wedding itself and during the actual day, the wedding planner will solve it for you in the best possible way;
  5. “Be carefree” … as well as fully enjoy your wedding day without having to think about everything that gravitates around; you will fully enjoy every second of your wedding because your planner “will always have your back”!

4 practical examples for choosing a wedding planner

And if you are still undecided…here below, 4 practical examples for choosing a wedding planner:

  1. Budget: have you found the dress of your dreams but didn’t think you’d spend so much? Do you now find yourself having to decide whether to give up the invitations you’ve always imagined or the floral decorations for your reception? I’m here, don’t worry, we’ll be able to do everything while staying within the set budget;
  2. Memo: I will remind you of the different deadlines for the various payments and documents to suppliers so as to keep everything under control;
  3. Confusion: if you have ever attended a wedding and witnessed scenes such as the maid of honor or the sister of the bride who starts the entrance to the Church and the musicians or who run here and there to prepare the table with the various decorations, well, all this will never happen! I will be the director of that day coordinating the wedding team that we will have created together!
  4. Personalization: I will organize a unique and unforgettable day with you, creating a completely tailor-made special wedding for you!

In conclusion, the wedding planner is the professional figure who completely plans, designs, organizes and coordinates your wedding. Through his advice, he will be able to better manage your budget, proposing trusted and professional suppliers who will give life to your big day. During the wedding, the wedding planner will be the director of every moment, following a very precise and tailor-made time line for you: she will coordinate the team of professionals chosen, taking care of every detail; she will always be by your side from the beginning to the end of your special day but don’t forget the journey undertaken with her in the months or years leading up to this day.

Are you ready to travel with me? Contact me and we will leave right away!

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